Thursday, July 9, 2009

baqi siddiqui ki shayyiri

aaiina phir nazar kahin jaane kidhar gayi
unn tak toh saath gardish-e-shaam-o-sahar[passage of time] gayi
kuch itna besabaat[momentary] tha har jalwa-e-hayaat
laut aayi zakhm kha ke jidhar bhi nazar gayi
aa dekh mujhse ruuthne wale tere bagaiir
din bhi guzar gaya meri shab bhi guzar gayi
naadim hai apne apne qariinon pe har nazar
duniya lahu uchchhal ke kitni nikhar gayi


  1. Baqi Siddiqui. His name was Muhammad Afzal and son of a landlord. Though he was cousin of my father but was his close friend.One day he was with my father in Raja Bazar in front of Rose Cinema Rawalpindi, he saw a big portrait of Thanedar placed at Cinema, said to my father that "you will see one day my portrait will be at the same place". After few years he went to Bombay and performed role of Thanedar in Indian film and a poster of Thanedar in the shape of Baqi Siddiqui was there. He was true lover of Pakistan. He was saying prayer when he heard the sad news of fall of Dhaka, he got strong heart stroke and died. He buried in his ancestral graveyard in Siham Cantt. Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace.Amin.

    1. The above short brief was written by and when time permits i will go deep in detail about Baqi Sahib life .Basharat Ali Qureshi Siham.

  2. i love baqi siddiqui (MIAN MOHSIN EJAZ QURESHI SIHAM)
    baqi siddiqui was a greeat poet

    (har aah par nazar hai ghumy subha o sham ki
    (pehli si bat nhe rahi tery is ghulam ki
    (in khushk wadio se koi aashna na tha BAQI
    (hai mujhi se shohrat mery SIHAM ki
    love u baqi siddiqui


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